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1st May 2023

Release version number

INX Version 5.16
INX Sitepass 2.8.0


Powerful new integrations to enhance your operations

New feature

Centralise the management of your workforce and ensure information is consistent across your business platforms by integrating the profiles of your connected contractors, team members, and visitors in INX Sitepass with INX InFlight
and INX InControl.

INX Sitepass 2.8.0 introduces an integration that connects our flagship contractor and visitor management software with INX InControl and INX InFlight. This allows connected INX Sitepass user profiles to be created and updated across the INX platform in real-time.

INX InFlight and INX InControl integration with INX Sitepass

New features

New feature

Have complete visibility of your cleaning management processes and enhance your capabilities.

INX InFlight is our workforce logistics software used by leading remote operations across Australia and the world. Since every worker needs a clean room, clean towels and fresh linen – and companies need changeovers to be efficient and seamless – we have introduced an integration with INX +Advanced Cleaning to provide real-time support in the field.

INX +Advanced Cleaning gives site managers complete visibility over cleaning management processes via a web-based dashboard. It also provides cleaning managers with an in-field app so they can manage cleans on the go.

Our real-time integration of INX InFlight and INX +Advanced Cleaning allows your operations to take advantage of the features and benefits of a specialised cleaning application.

INX InFlight integration with
INX +Advanced Cleaning (ACA)

New features